From what clients what we do 

Get stuff out you don't need. Organize everything and furniture placements.

De-clutter, get ready for an estate sale and pack to move

Take your years of clutter and get your home back with everything you love.


Feel great at home with design arrangement 

Downsize and resolve closet issues.

Take your container of Garage and property items, downsize and organize it all.

Get moved into a new house and organize your stuff

organize home

Help with an estate sale. Sort through a whole garage full of stuff needed to be sold.

Unpack and organize an office

Garage sale

Help set up a decluttering and cleaning plan.


Providing oversight and moral support.


A final once over sparkling finish


Office organization

Organize Bedrooms

Get an entire house organized and get rid of clutter

Unpacking, organizing, assembling and moving furniture. 


Getting all personal financial etc. papers in order and filed. 

Garage organization improvement

Clearing clutter, getting homes organized

Organizing clothes anf stuff and a creating a place to put it before company arrives

Help organizing storage stuff and helping to sell it

Helping downsize house that is stuffed with many family members' our stuff. 


Downsize a 10x10 storage unit to hold the rest of our stuff that won't fit. in the house 

Decluttering, organizing 4 bedroom home, garage, storage unit

Preparing for a garage sale 

Decluttering and reorganizing a small apartment

Help unpacking and organizing clothes and personal belongings

Decluttering/detaching from deceased loved ones belongings

Unpacking and organizing


Organizing, packing, and purging.  

Help organizing a garage, as your run your company or companies. So that your personal space isn't neglected and you no longer feel over whelmed as where to even start

Cleaning out the clutter, closets and rooms in your house to prepare for moving

Help organizing your shop

Need room organized

Organization of storage facility.


When you have not had the time or the opportunity to return and review what is in the storage unit. Have the unit emptied and distributed. and need assistance.


Help with deciding what you need/want to keep and what to get rid of.


Going to the storage units, reviewing what is inside, developing and sending a list of items/photo(s) via email of what is in the unit

Clearing out storage and personal items in preparation for selling a home.

Craft materials are over running my world.

Overall organizing and decluttering with cleaning

Decluttering.everything up off the floor.Organizing the Organization.Take care of it through harder times.

Setting up a craft room with stations for scrapbooking, sewing, painting. It has shelving units, cupboards already. I would have it mostly empty...

OVERWHELMED, full time employee with 3 young children is in need of assistance downsizing and organizing to simplify life and make my home more peaceful.

Organize a grandparents suite. Includes bedroom, bathroom and walk in closet.

Pack house for an upcoming move.

downsize sell everything possible

Whole house organization. Declutter, yard sale organizing and help. Pre-moving downsizing.

Closet and desk organizing

looking for a very talented organizer that also has auction or estate sale experience!

In-laws have hoarded items for years and need help emotionally letting go


My son broke his ankle and I need to go to sacramento to drive him to dr. appts. etc. Not sure how long I will be gone.

Getting rid of stuff ,organizing house and home office going through room and garage full of stuffcreating system to stay organized.

I am looking for someone who can help me organize 46 years of clutter so I can host a yard sale (possibly a few yard sales), donate the rest and get ready to stage my house for sale. I am in Los Altos. If you can't help me, maybe you can refer me to someone.

Get rid of books, DVDs, VHS, clothing and shoes, also exercise equipment, and assorted clutter, some of these things that won't sell can be donated. I Have to move in a hurry, there was a death in the family and the bank is forcing me to sell my house. what I'm most concerned with is my pianos. Both of them are well over a hundred years old and the semi-concert grand is very valuable. I understand there are companies devoted to piano moving and storage, I just don't know how good they are. And I wouldn't want to find out after they destroyed my baby.

We have a garage and a pantry that we could really use some help with organization. My husband works long crazy hours and I can't manage these tasks on my own.

We are a small professional theatre company with a small staff and have several clean-up and clutter areas for which we need guidance and help.



Most of my "clutter" is scrapbooking supplies and vintage ephemera. Would you mind sending me your rate and how you work? I have many things that I would like to sell.

Home/ office document organization... clutter removal etc.

Organizing, packing, disposing, and donating most of my stuff as I am relocating to the Dominican Republic

De clutter and organize my whole house

I need help with organizing my master walk in closet and nursery space that will be in my master bedroom. I'd also like to know additional cost of organizing small linen closet with baskets or containers.

This is for my granddaughter in California who is pregnant and needs help with declutter and organization of the home. She is very overwhelmed right now.