* Personal Consulting for home, office, storage, or warehouse  


* Customized plans of action Filing systems and maintenance 


* Property Clean out service 


* Donation arrangements and Sale advocacy


* Residential detailing and staging 


* Move Management 


* Move Liaison & supervision 


* Inventory and Organized eco-packing 


* Shelf lining


* Unpacking and Inspection


* Tailored, Organize and put away service 

* Furnishing and Organizational Component Selection 


* Total Home or Office Set Up 


* Residential and Household Systems


* Functional Space planning 


* Workflow, Paper, & Data Management 


* File Box pick up, organize, and return service


* Personal Property Assessments


* De-Cluttering, Up-cycling (Repurposing) 


* Fashion Editing and Styling


* Design and organization of storage; closets, built-in and free standing pieces


* Display of decor or functional merchandising


* Personal shopping and styling 

All In Place best manages your project expectations from start to finish.


Simply call them to discuss your project: IE: the level of accumulation or simply send photos of your space or spaces for consideration in confidence to them. They then will best understand the scope of service to provide you and your loved ones.


Once hired, they submit a custom plan of action, accordingly. Each day they consult with you and work for you on-site, they drop off your unwanted, safe, vehicle-fitting items to an auction house, consignment shop, trading post, or donate them to a charity of your choice. This is done within a 5 mile radius of your home or office (the contracted work site).


...The more Productivity Specialists, Organizers, or Stylists you have working on your project in tandem, the more will be done sooner, the happier you will be, and the more unwanted items will be removed from your property in a day. This saves you money otherwise spent on services, such as "got JUNK" , etc.


They also help make pick-up arrangements for larger items that don't fit in their vehicles, such as furniture, equipment, and appliances. In the event you have a time-sensitive deadline, such as clean-out or delivering a home in move-in condition; the wait time for larger donation pick-ups is from 1.5 weeks to 1.5 months, location pending.


They also return any vehicle-fitting organizational items or decor they purchased on you behalf for your project that you don't absolutely love, free of the service-charge. (though this request is rare).